Mars Studio – AUB

The possibility of colonizing Mars has fascinated humans for centuries, and recent discoveries by NASA have brought this dream closer to reality. In 2016 and…

Mars Studio – UofC

In the winter of 2017, the University of Calgary hosted a Senior Research Studio in Architecture, focusing on designing innovative habitats and settlements for human…

Moon Race – Team Chile

Two organizations are carrying out the project: Google Lunar Xprize Team Angelicvm is part of the Google Lunar Xprize, a competition launched in 2007 to…


Hybrid Museum

Support a hybrid virtual museum showcasing the history and achievements of the aerospace & defense industry.

Scholarship Program

Support the next generation of leaders in the aerospace & defense fields through financial support and mentorship.

Space Shelters

Support developing innovative, sustainable, and efficient shelter solutions for use on Mars and beyond.


Any upcoming events will show here soon.