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At a glance

Welcome to the Aerospace and Defense Museum, a hybrid virtual and physical museum dedicated to showcasing the history and achievements of the aerospace and defense industry. With a particular focus on the contributions of Harvard University alums and friends, our museum offers engaging and educational experiences for visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

Through interactive exhibits, artifact displays, and educational resources, we aim to inspire future generations of aerospace and defense professionals and promote the continued growth and success of the industry. With both virtual and physical components, we aim to make the museum accessible to everyone, regardless of location or financial means.

Explore our online exhibits, engage with our community, and donate to support our mission.

Areas of focus


The exciting projects that your donation can support as we work to build and develop the Aerospace and Defense Museum!

Museum construction and development

Your donation can help us secure a physical location for the museum and cover costs related to construction, such as building materials, permits, and labor.

Virtual exhibit development

Donations can support developing engaging and interactive virtual exhibits, such as virtual reality experiences and 3D displays, that showcase the aerospace and defense industry's history and achievements.

Educational programming and resources

Your donation can help us develop and expand educational programs, including curriculum materials and hands-on activities that inspire and educate visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

Technology and infrastructure improvements

Donations can help us improve our virtual infrastructure and support cutting-edge technological innovations like augmented reality and holographic displays.

Artifact acquisition

Donations can help us acquire important artifacts and displays that are integral to showcasing the history and achievements of the aerospace and defense industry.

Our goal

The Aerospace and Defense Museum has several objectives, including educating visitors about the aerospace and defense industry and its impact on society. The museum aims to inspire and engage visitors of all ages, from students to industry professionals, by showcasing the latest technologies and innovations. Additionally, the museum seeks to preserve the history and legacy of aerospace and defense technology by featuring exhibits on historical aircraft, artifacts, and events. By achieving these objectives, the museum hopes to encourage interest in the industry and inspire the next generation of innovators and leaders.

Why give with us?

To support the preservation of aerospace and defense history

By donating, you can help us preserve and display historical artifacts, ensuring they are accessible to future generations and promoting a deeper understanding of the industry’s history and achievements.

To inspire future generations of professionals

With your support, we can develop new and innovative exhibits, like our virtual reality experiences, that educate and inspire visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Your donation can help us cultivate the next generation of aerospace and defense professionals by showcasing the industry’s potential and impact.

To promote diversity and inclusivity in the industry

Your donation will help us to offer educational resources and exhibits that showcase the contributions of people

Hybrid Museum Projects

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Join others in supporting hybrid museums.


Hybrid Museum

Support a hybrid virtual museum showcasing the history and achievements of the aerospace & defense industry.

Scholarship Program

Support the next generation of leaders in the aerospace & defense fields through financial support and mentorship.

Space Shelters

Support developing innovative, sustainable, and efficient shelter solutions for use on Mars and beyond.


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