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Why partner with us?

HADAO can offer numerous benefits to the private sector, public organizations, and academia, including access to talented individuals, advancement of aerospace technologies, cost-effective solutions with significant ROI, and networking opportunities.

How do we collaborate with academia, private and public sectors?

Private Sector

Partnering with HADAO can be an excellent way for private sector companies to tap into a valuable network of professionals, stay ahead of emerging trends and technologies, and find new opportunities for growth and innovation in the exciting world of aerospace and defense.

Public Sector

Partnering with HADAO can provide the public sector access to knowledge, expertise, and opportunities to support the growth and development of their aerospace and defense programs. Through collaboration with HADAO, the public sector can advance its initiatives and contribute to the overall advancement of the industry.


The organization offers a platform for collaboration, communication, and exchanging ideas, providing academia access to a diverse community and cutting-edge technologies. By partnering with HADAO, academia can create new opportunities for impact and advance research, innovation, and networking in the aerospace and defense fields.

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American University of Beirut

Our partnership with the American University of Beirut’s Faculty of Engineering and Architecture aims to revolutionize sustainable living on Mars...

University of Calgary

Our partnership with the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Environmental Design offers a Master’s Degree course on designing sustainable shelters on Mars...

Google Lunar XPRIZE

Our partnership with Google Lunar XPRIZE (Team Chile) aims to launch a rover to the Lunar Surface, deepening our understanding of the Moon...

What are the partnership benefits?

Private sector

Private sector companies should partner with HADAO because of the benefits of being part of a vibrant and diverse community of Harvard alumni and Friends of Harvard who are passionate about exploring and innovating in the aerospace, aviation, and defense industries. Some of the reasons to partner with HADAO include the following:

Access to a diverse network of professionals

HADAO’s global network of members provides rich knowledge and experience across various fields, cultures, and industries. Private sector companies can benefit from connecting with this diverse group of professionals to exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, and find new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Exposure to emerging trends and technologies

HADAO members are at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies in aerospace and defense. Through HADAO, private sector companies can stay current on the latest developments in the industry and gain valuable insights into how to apply these technologies to their business.

Opportunities for collaboration and partnership

HADAO provides a platform for members to collaborate on projects, form partnerships, and explore new business opportunities. Private sector companies can leverage this platform to find new partners, clients, and suppliers and to expand their network of contacts in the aerospace and defense industries.

Access to industry events and conferences

HADAO hosts various events and conferences throughout the year, providing members with opportunities to meet and network with other professionals in the industry. Private sector companies can use these events to showcase their products and services, connect with potential clients and partners, and gain exposure to new markets.

Public sector

The public sector can benefit from partnering with HADAO for several reasons:

Access to cutting-edge research and development

HADAO comprises professionals at the forefront of research and development in aerospace and defense. By partnering with HADAO, the public sector can access the latest research and development initiatives, helping advance their aerospace and defense programs.

Collaboration on joint initiatives

The public sector can collaborate with HADAO members on joint initiatives, such as developing new technologies, improving safety standards, and exploring new market opportunities. This collaboration can help foster innovation, create new jobs, and contribute to the economy’s growth.

Access to a broad network of industry leaders

HADAO’s network includes industry leaders worldwide. By partnering with HADAO, the public sector can access this network, providing valuable insights and expertise to support public sector initiatives.

Opportunities for training and development:

HADAO offers its members a range of training and development opportunities, including workshops, seminars, and conferences. The public sector can participate in these events to gain new skills and knowledge, which can help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their aerospace and defense programs.


Academia should consider partnering with HADAO for several reasons:

Access to a vibrant community

HADAO has a large and diverse community of members worldwide who are passionate about aerospace and defense. This community can provide valuable insights and expertise that academia can leverage in research, innovation, and networking.

Collaboration opportunities

HADAO offers a platform for collaboration, allowing academia to partner with industry professionals and alums in the aerospace and defense fields. This collaboration can lead to joint research projects, internships, and employment opportunities for students and faculty.

Exposure to cutting-edge technology

The aerospace and defense industries constantly evolve, with new technologies emerging. HADAO can provide academia with exposure to advanced technologies, allowing researchers to stay up-to-date on the latest advancements and apply them to their work.

Opportunities for impact

By partnering with HADAO, academia can create new opportunities for influence in the aerospace and defense industries. Collaborative efforts between academia and industry professionals can lead to discoveries, innovations, and applications that benefit society.

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Hybrid Museum

Support a hybrid virtual museum showcasing the history and achievements of the aerospace & defense industry.

Scholarship Program

Support the next generation of leaders in the aerospace & defense fields through financial support and mentorship.

Space Shelters

Support developing innovative, sustainable, and efficient shelter solutions for use on Mars and beyond.


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