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Connecting Harvard Alumni and Friends of Harvard Today and Tomorrow

HADAO, or the Harvard Aerospace and Defense Alumni Organization, is a non-profit network connecting Harvard alums and friends in the aerospace and defense community. Its mission is to promote social relationships, provide education opportunities, facilitate interactions between alums and the aerospace industry, and position Harvard alums for leadership roles in the industry.

HADAO is working on various programs and initiatives, including the Hybrid Museum, Scholarship Program, and Space Shelters. Donations made to HADAO are tax-deductible and can support its programs and initiatives. Non-Harvard alums and individuals not affiliated with Harvard University can also help or become involved with HADAO.

How we work

HADAO is a robust network connecting Harvard alums and friends in the aerospace and defense community. It provides opportunities for alums and friends to join, stay on top of real proprietary projects, enhance skills and knowledge, and connect with others in the aerospace and defense industry.

HADAO achieves this by providing various programs and initiatives, such as the Hybrid Museum, Scholarship, and Space Shelters, ongoing education opportunities via seminars and events, and facilitating interactions between Harvard alums and leaders in the aerospace industry. HADAO also embraces partnerships with leading Harvard alum clubs and associations to fulfill its mission and provides a platform for debate and ongoing educational opportunities through events.

Our Board and Officers

A dedicated board of alumni volunteers leads the Harvard Aerospace and Defense Alumni Organization (HADAO). The board comprises experienced aerospace and defense industry leaders and oversees the organization’s strategic direction and initiatives. The panel includes a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and members accountable for the Innovation Committee, Membership Committee, Partnership and Development Committee, and Communication & Program Committee. In addition, the board includes an ex-officio member without voting rights who provide valuable insight and guidance. HADAO’s officers, including the Chair, Vice Chair, and Treasurer, lead the organization and work closely with the board to ensure the success of its mission and programs. HADAO’s board and officers are committed to connecting Harvard alums and friends in the aerospace and defense community and providing opportunities for ongoing education, engagement, and impact.

Be Part of a Global Community

Explore Careers and Opportunities!

Join our global community of dedicated professionals and passionate volunteers at HADAO! Our career section provides opportunities for Harvard alums and friends of Harvard who share our mission and values to get involved in a variety of roles.

For those interested in volunteer work, we offer opportunities to support our programs and initiatives, collaborate with like-minded professionals, and make a difference in the aerospace and defense industry. Whether you have expertise in engineering, communications, business development, or project management, we have a variety of roles that allow you to apply your skills and grow your network.

For those interested in paid positions, we offer a variety of roles that provide the opportunity to make a significant impact in the organization while developing your career. Our team consists of dedicated professionals committed to HADAO’s mission and values. We offer competitive salaries, professional development opportunities, and a supportive and collaborative work environment.

Whether you are Harvard alums looking to give back or a friend of Harvard seeking to make a difference, we invite you to explore our career section and join our community of passionate and driven professionals.


Coming soon

Join others in supporting our programs!


Hybrid Museum

Support a hybrid virtual museum showcasing the history and achievements of the aerospace & defense industry.

Scholarship Program

Support the next generation of leaders in the aerospace & defense fields through financial support and mentorship.

Space Shelters

Support developing innovative, sustainable, and efficient shelter solutions for use on Mars and beyond.


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